This video is going to show you how some of the women train it in the gym with the dynamic body motions, martial arts personal training program. Function fitness with some kick arse moves. Exercise with a purpose. If you’re in the gym then be sure you’re learning some moves that will help build your muscles as well as teach you some self-defense.

This video will give a small insight into some of the martial weapon moves and dynamic kicks that Dynamic Body Motions has to offer. So if you’re serious about burning some ugly fat off your body and at the same time learn some skills for life. Then let’s get clubbing and kicking.

This video will show you how Dynamic Body Motions mixes things up in the gym. With a circuit of function training while using a Bosu, fit balls, med balls, kettle bells, viper, barbell and TRX. This circuit will have you moving with some dynamic functional martial and non martial moves that will challenge you in more ways than one. Mix it up for a full body workout, train to gain use it or lose it.

This video will show you what five one hour sessions will have you moving like. A 12 punch kick combo that will have you out of breathe but able to fire the guns when need be. Martial arts personal training made easy no fuss just punch kick punch. Whatever it takes to get fit and get the job done. Do it right the first time when your firing the guns.
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