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Hi there, we're Blue Baboon&we're unique

We understand that when it comes to websites, it's not just about how good it looks and how fast it goes, but also about how your customers will use it and how they will find it. That is what makes Blue Baboon Design unique.

For us it's all about the 'no think' approach, giving your customers a great user experience without them even knowing they have had one. We provide clean, well thought-through designs and work with the most up-to-date programming tools to create beautiful websites that work.

Our company has gone from strength to strength since our founding in 2007 and have built a formidible reputation. This is because regardless of the size of the company we are working for, we always deliver the same high levels of service and work.

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Our offices in Teddington

Our offices are strategically located in Teddington, between leafy Surrey and central London.
Our lofty office has plenty of meeting space so pop in for a chat about your project any time.

the blue baboon lead team

Nicola De Ferry
Account Manager

Joseph Conlon
Creative Director / Founder

Sean Conlon
Project Manager / Founder

Daniel Pina
Lead Developer

why 'blue baboon'?

On a holiday in Thailand in 2007, Sean and Joseph (BBD founders) were trying to think of a great name for their new digital design agency. One day, whilst visiting a rather uninspiring zoo they spotted a huge Mandrill Baboon with a giant blue mane. In fact, everyone had. It was one of the most popular exhibits in the zoo and stood out against all the other competing animals.

Over the next few days, whilst discussing what the name of the company would be, they kept referring back to this blue baboon. "Our company must stand out like that blue baboon did" they both would say. It then dawned on them that 'Blue Baboon' embodied everything they wanted their company and service offering to be: memorable, unique and distinctive.

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