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there are no illusions

We know we are not the only digital marketing company and that we dwarf in size compared to the major digital marketing firms. However, we don't have (much of) an ego and LOVE working with other businesses to help them support their own customers. Some of the agencies we have worked for are LBi, Iris, GHMC, Square Meal and Quirk. They have trusted us to work on major accounts such as BT, Danone, Cow & Gate, Honda, FHM & Papa Johns.

Whether you need a Wordpress specialist to come in to a large pitch with you, or need a series of DoubleClick Configured Banner Ads ready for 5 days time, Blue Baboon can help you to expand your capacity, meet your deadlines and improve your reputation on a project by project basis.

Our prices, which are generally pegged to a specific outcome, are positioned to allow you to quote competitively. We can also 'hotdesk' directly from your offices or do everything remotely. Either way, we pride ourselves on maintaining great relationships with our agency clients.

Click here to download our prospectus, which includes a selection of prices and services.



Have a spike in work? Need to help a VERY important client with some functionality you just don't do in house?

Spotty overpaid twenty-something freelancers who live in Shoreditch, move aside. Blue Baboon makes sure you no longer bow to their limitations. They are afterall, just one person with limited time and skill. We have a large number of experienced in house and external members in our digital production team who work with us on a daily basis. All are supported and vetted by our own dedicated team of designers, developers and project managers.

Send us your projects with a full brief and we will give you a fixed cost to complete the works. Your projects may vary in size and complexity but you can always rely on discretion, quality, communication and great value for money.


Many of our clients want our designers, developers, project managers and UX consultants to work on their projects in their own offices. This is usually because they feel it speeds up communication or the project is rather secretive. To us it really doesn't matter and we have all the necessary contracts and insurance in place to facilitate this. Think of us as a Recruitment Company, but the difference being we actually KNOW the quality of our candidates because we have used them on own projects before we even think about sharing them with you.