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Claire Weatherley Yoga

COMPLETED: May, 2013

SECTOR: Yoga / Lifestyle is a website promoting the company's yoga classes and retreats across Surrey and Kent.


COMPLETED: March, 2013

SECTOR: Autocue / Entertainment

AutoCueHire is a website to promote the business and services of this specialist autocue and teleprompter hire company.


COMPLETED: November, 2011

SECTOR: Insurance / Finance

This website was built for a business who wanted to setup a new kind of advertising for insurance companies. What they got was pretty much YouTube for Insurers. By hiring BBD they hired a web designer that could deliver this site.

Urbanscaping UK

COMPLETED: March, 2012

SECTOR: Landscaping / Gardening is a website that showcases this professional London landscaping company's garden designers services to individual customers and businesses.

Q Scaffolding

COMPLETED: September, 2011

SECTOR: Scaffolding / Construction is a website to promote the business and services of this London based scaffolding company on the web.

Mortar & Pestle

COMPLETED: November, 2012

SECTOR: Food / Cultural is a website promoting the Nigerian food takeaway services of this London based company.

SL Football Academy

COMPLETED: June, 2012

SECTOR: Sports Coaching

Our challenge was to create a stunning website that attracted both parents and the children who the company was founded for. We also integrated an online booking feature and a database to insure ROI on the works. We also optimised the website for mobile use.

Even More Projects