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Good copywriting says a lot about you.

First of all, good copy says what you do and why you're good at doing it in very certain terms so you make an immediate impact and leave a lasting impression.

But as well looking at what you want to say, our copywriting service will also think about how you're saying it. If your copy's strong and authoritative, for example, that's how your company in Surrey or London will come across to the people reading the site. If the copy's weak and disorganised, they'll think that you're like that too.

Using a professional copywriter makes sense because:

  • When we write about our own company we tend to write with assumed knowledge. We know so much about our business we leave gaps of information and for that reason alone, it's never the best idea to write your own site.
  • You are an expert – but probably not a trained writer. Writing is a skill. Your website is your shop window and would be a crying shame if you let yourself down with floppy copy.
  • Your competitors may use one. Consumers compare – and may reject a company in favour of another because they feel grammatical errors are an indication of slipshod service to come. (Based on a real incident.)

We offer:

1. Copywriting:

for people who want their site written from scratch

2. Copyediting:

for people who are happy with their web wording but want a professional eye to check it over.


hourly rate £60/hour

daily rate £315/day

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