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Our websites are built to succeed. No matter what kind of business you have, we have the technical and creative thinking required to develop the website your business needs to deliver its message.

However, not only are we great website designers and developers, we are able to market your website online once it is built. This means that we design your website with your customers in mind. "How will they find your website?" and "What will they do when they find your website?" are just two of the questions we continually ask ourselves at Blue Baboon Design whilst designing your website.


  1. DiscoveryWe work with you to understand your industry, business, goals and competitors. We will also discuss the issues that face your current website(if you have one) and what the new website will be like.
  2. PlanningWe decide on the information architecture of the site - how to intuitively and logically structure categorize and display the content.
  3. WireframingThis stage involves creating very basic composition of the key pages of the website. Its main purpose is to test different layout options and visual hierarchy in a way that can be rapidly changed or refined.
  4. Design CompsTaking the wireframes from the previous phase, design comps are created in Photoshop. These design comps now add colour, images and actual copy.
  5. CodingStatic pages for each of the templates identified are created based on the design comps completed in the previous step. They are built according to web standards using clean and semantic markup. At this stage we can also build in a CMS system if required.
  6. TestingOnce your website is complete we will perfome a series of internal test to insure your website is performing correctly in all browsers, all functional aspects are glitch free and page load speed is as fast as it cab be.


  1. Web HostingWe understand that your website is the online window to your business so it needs to be working and accessible 24/7.
    We offer flexible reliable and powerful (yet carbon neutral) hosting options to suit all your needs.
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  2. AnalyticsWhen your website goes live you need to know how many people are visiting your website and where they are coming from. We are experts at monitoring website user behavior and can give you concise feedback and guidance on a regular basis. If required, we are also able to update your website based on these findings so it performs even better.
  3. Web MarketingWe have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to online marketing. Whether it be SEO, PPC, Social Media or Video Marketing, we are able to help you drive targeted traffic to your business.
  4. MaintenanceThe internet is an ever changing place full of threats and viruses. If you want to stay ahead of the game and require a higher level of security or a consistent level of website updates, you may find that one of our maintenance packages can give you the peace of mind you require.
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